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This website will be decommissioned on the 22nd of July, 2018, and will be permanently moved to the website address above. Accounts on this website will not be transferred to the new site. You will need to create a new account at the new website. The new site provides 4 more scenarios and dynamic feedback based on your interventions. Data obtained from your use of this website will be stored securely and safely.

Evidence demonstrates that the recognition and management of deteriorating hospital patients is a problem throughout the world, and contributes to many adverse outcomes.

Managing a deteriorating patient is not that complex, but in a stressful situation nurses can forget the key essentials.

“Sudden deterioration does not occur very often so healthcare staff can become deskilled in the management of emergencies.” (Associate Professor Simon Cooper)

The best way to resolve this issue is to practice in simulated settings.  In this website we list outcomes from a range of face to face studies that examine the management of patient deterioration.  In addition we have developed an online simulation learning package which is described below and available free on this site.

FIRST2ACTweb – an online simulation learning package

FIRST2ACTweb (Feedback Incorporating Review and Simulation Techniques to Act on Clinical Trends) is a face to face simulation-based learning program that has been developed in a variety of studies with nurses, midwives and paramedics, with demonstrated impact on clinical practice (please see the Resource Tab for a full list of publications).

Based on the outcomes from FIRST2ACT a web based simulation program has been developed called FIRST2ACTweb. The program was originally intentioned for Australian Nursing students but is also applicable to international healthcare students and staff.

Please go to the FIRST2ACT tab and the FIRST2ACTweb tabs for additional information. You can access the the interactive web based simulation program by going to the tab ‘Get Started on the First2ActWeb program