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Welcome. The following program will take you through a number of quizzes, presentations and scenario based interactive videos. The total time needed to complete the program will be 1-2 hours. You can attempt the program more than once, however you must completed all 8 steps of the program before you can repeat any of the previous steps. You can pause between pages, however you must complete each of the 8 minute scenarios in one go. So grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started. Good luck.

Please note: if you have a technical problems and need help with passwords in order to complete the course please email, or follow the forgotten password options at the register/login page. As the program uses Flash in some parts, it is unlikely it will work well on an iPad or any device that does not support Flash Player plugins. We recommend using either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari browsers to access the program.

Please note that performance and evaluation data is collected from this site and may be used in anonymised research reports. Click here to view the full explanatory statement


These materials including the associated course manual are intended for use only as part of the FIRST2ACT program which is available in face-to-face and web based versions. The authors take no responsibility for any adverse event arising from use of these course materials. While the actions described are considered by the authors to represent best practice, users of these resources are advised to check relevant protocols in each clinical setting, as these may vary.

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