Project Teams

Associate Professor Simon Cooper
RN, PhD, Med, BA; FHE

Dr. Simon CooperMonash University School of Nursing and Midwifery: Berwick Campus, Monash University, Melbourne, Vic. [Project Leader].

Since 1993 Dr Cooper has worked on numerous research and education projects in the area of acute care including simulation approaches, assessment measures (OSCEs), leadership and teamwork tools and education evaluations.

He has a track record in funded research and project management with 20 recent grant awards, including Category 1 research awards.

Over the last six years he has focused on the management of patient deterioration and has successfully completed a range of studies examining nurses, midwives and paramedics’ abilities to manage the acutely ill, all of which have had a significant impact on learning outcomes.

His 80+ publications include text books on clinical skills, games for teaching and learning in the health sciences, and peer review journal publications in emergency and education fields, including simulation learning, inter-professional education, team leadership, patient deterioration, research methods and systematic reviews.

FIRST2ACT™ team members from a range of studies include: Dr Mary-Anne Biro1; Rose Boland2; Suzanne Brady4; Bree Bulle2; Dr Penny Buykx1; Dr Robert Champion3; Dr Carol Gilmour1; Jan Jones1; Dr Tracey McConnell-Henry1; Maureen Miles1; Karen Missen1; Susan McDermott1; Professor Julie Scholes5; Louise Sparkes1; Fawzia Zaidi5.

  1. Monash University
  2. Royal Womens’ Hospital Melbourne
  3. Latrobe University
  4. University of Queensland
  5. Brighton University (UK)

FIRST2ACT™ and FIRST2ACTweb™ team members include the following:

Professor Tracey Bucknall
RN, ICU Cert, BN, GD Adv Nurs, PhD

Prof. Tracey BucknallDeakin University, School of Nursing and Midwifery; Head, Cabrini-Deakin Centre for Nursing Research, Cabrini Health. [Principal Investigator].
Tracey has held a variety of clinical, educational and research appointments in private and public hospitals, and in the tertiary sector.

She is a foundation member of the Quality and Patient Safety Strategic Research Centre of Deakin University and Professoriate that provides advice on curriculum and strategic matters within the University.

Her focus on research around patient safety targets specific decisions with simulation training and decision aids in practice, developing evidence-based solutions for organisational concerns.

She has successfully obtained nationally competitive research funding; presented nationally and internationally and published in the top ranked critical care and nursing journals.

Prof Bucknall is also Associate Editor of Worldviews on Evidence Based Nursing (ERA A), ranked No. 1 nursing journal internationally.

Associate Professor Fiona Bogossian
RN, Midwife, DipAppSci (Ned) QUT, BappSci (Distinction) QUT, MPH (Griffith), PhD (UQ).

Ass. Prof. Fiona BogossianUniversity of Queensland School of Nursing & Midwifery; Director of Research: UQ Brisbane, Qld. [Principal Investigator].
Fiona has clinical experience in midwifery and nursing and, over the last 20 years has been involved with the tertiary education of nurse and midwives, development of curricula and accreditation of programs.

Her research focuses on three areas: the epidemiology of birth and motherhood, evaluation of maternity services and scholarship & innovation in teaching and learning, including simulation research.

She is the Principal Midwifery Investigator: The Nurses and Midwives eCohort and Graduate eCohort studies, Project Leader for a UQ Teaching and Learning large Strategic Grant in generic health sciences electronic portfolio development, and a Chief Investigator for the Health Workforce Australia Midwifery Curriculum project.

Fiona received a Churchill Fellowship in 2006 for Improving the Health of All Australians. In 2009 she was a Visiting Scholar at the California Quality Maternity Care Collaborative – Stanford University.

Dr Robyn Hill
EdD, MedPol&Admin, GdipDistance Education, BappSci(Nsg)

Dr. Robyn HillCentral Gippsland Institute of TAFE (GippsTAFE)
Dr Hill has more than 30 years experience working in health (nursing) and in education.

From 2002-2011 she worked in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (Monash University) as Director of Curriculum for the medical degree.

She has been engaged in research projects in medical education during that time; her publications focused on evaluation of simulation and clinical engagement during undergraduate medical education.

She has extensive experience in vocational health education.

Professor Lisa McKenna
RN, Midwife, PhD, MEdSt, Grad Dip Health Admin & InfoSys, BEdSt

Prof. Lisa McKennaMonash University School of Nursing and Midwifery Director of Education; Monash University Clayton, Vic.
Prof. McKenna has a long involvement with curriculum development in midwifery and nursing, with the use of exploratory and collaborative research strategies.

She has led a number of education projects in nursing and midwifery, including a project exploring the use of video recording and facilitated debriefing for enhancing undergraduate nursing and midwifery students’ history taking skills.

Professor Ruth Endacott
RN, Cert Ed, DipN(Lond) MA, PhD

Prof. Ruth EndacottProfessor of Clinical Nursing at Monash University and University of Plymouth (UK) with a Masters degree in Research Methodology and PhD in Medical Science: School of Nursing and Midwifery Monash University Clayton, Vic.
Professor Endacott has extensive experience of health service education research, including grants in the UK of over £250k awarded by the forerunner of the Nursing and Midwifery Council and a track record of successful multi-site and multi-national project management.

Her clinical research includes previous collaboration with the Monash group in simulation learning, with a general research focus on patient safety/quality with established educational research programmes in recognising deterioration and managing end of life.

Professor Endacott has an international profile and is currently working with research partners in Israel and across Europe.

She is a member of the Patient Safety Working Group of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine.

Associate Professor Leigh Kinsman

Ass.Prof. Leigh KinsmanMonash University, School of Rural Health, Office of Research, Bendigo, Vic.
Leigh is an experienced emergency nurse with both simulation education and acute care research experience.

He is has conducted research into nurses’ experiences of patient deterioration and has been a members of Dr Cooper’s team studying patient deterioration over four studies, particularly contributing data analysis expertise.

He has also published in this field.

Dr Robyn Cant
PhD, MHlthSc, GradDipHEd

Research Fellow, School of Nursing and Midwifery Monash University Clayton Vic.

Robyn has a clinical background in allied health and research skills in qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods techniques.

She has worked with Monash University research teams on previous simulation studies. She has authored a systematic review of simulation education in nursing and is co-author of a number of papers about this and other topics related to the current project.

She will provide technical assistance to the research team.

Ms Joanne Porter
RN, MSc, Grad Dip Crit Care, Grad Cert Hed,

Ms Joanne PorterLecturer, School of Nursing and Midwifery Monash University Gippsland, Vic.
Joanne is a senior critical care nurse with a track record in teaching both undergraduate and post-graduate nurses’ academic curriculum and in clinical placement skills assessments.

She is a PhD candidate with developing applied research skills, and has worked with Monash University research teams on previous simulation studies, including on patient deterioration.

Dr Nicole (Nikki) Phillips
RN, DipAppSc(Nsg), BN, GdipAdvNsg(Educ), MNS, PhD

Dr. Nikki PhillipsDeakin University, School of Nursing and Midwifery; Senior Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Course coordinator Bachelor of Nursing suite of courses.
Nikki has over 15 years experience in facilitating the learning of nursing students in Australia and overseas in the laboratory, tutorial and clinical settings.

Nikki has extensive experience in curriculum design and implementation, using blended learning technologies, designing case scenarios, giving feedback and mentoring others.

Her research is directed towards patient safety and improving health outcomes.

Dr. Helen Forbes
RN, BappSc(Adv.Nsg)(LaTrobe University), MedStudies (Monash University), PhD (University of Sydney).

Dr. Helen ForbesDr Forbes has extensive experience and held various teaching roles at both undergraduate and postgraduate over the past 25 years.

Her current role is Director of Teaching & Learning. She has vast experience in curriculum design and development in nursing education.

Dr Forbes was part of the successful bid for funding for The Australian Centre for Health Care Innovation (ACHCI).

Her research has focused on the role of clinical educators in nursing and curriculum innovation to enhance patient safety.

She has published widely in the teaching and learning sphere and is an ALTC grant reviewer.

Dr Victoria Kain

victoria_kain_2Dr Kain’s clinical background is in paediatric and neonatal intensive care nursing, and she has also taught extensively in this area. Dr Kain has been involved in the preparation of undergraduate baccalaureate nursing students for several years, and is currently the Program Director [BN] at the University of Queensland. She is engaged in curriculum based research as well as collaborative research projects in her clinical discipline.

Associate Professor Susan Young
F.R.C.N.A. RN, RM, Cert Crit Care Ed. D, M.Ed (Leadership & Mgt) Grad. Dip Ed Admin, B. App. Sci N. Ed)

Ass.Prof. Susan YoungAssociate Professor Susan Young has fulfilled a long and distinguished career gaining experience in clinical nursing, education and management in a diverse range of fields in the public and private health care sectors.

Most recently Susan has fulfilled executive roles as a District Director of Nursing and also as a District Director of Rural Health Services. Susan held an Adjunct Associate Professor appointment with The University of Queensland School of Nursing and Midwifery for five years.

Susan joined the School of Nursing and Midwifery in July 2009, with the remit to develop and subsequently implement the Master of Nursing coursework degree which successfully commenced in Semester 1, 2010. This online coursework program incorporates six fields of study and has received very favourable response from registered nurses across Australia with enrolment numbers in 2012 continuing to increase.

In 2010, Susan was appointed as the Director, Teaching and Learning for the School of Nursing and Midwifery, whilst also retaining the responsibility as Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator. In 2011, Susan was appointed as a UQ External Examiner for Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore.

Susan was a former Chair of the Queensland Nursing Council for six years, retiring in August 2005.

Susan continues to be involved in numerous board and committee roles, retains membership of a variety of associations and is a past winner of the Telstra Business Women’s Awards.

Susan holds a doctoral degree in Education, and a Master’s degree majoring in Leadership & Management.

Particular professional interests include nursing and midwifery regulation, advancing standards of nursing and midwifery practice, labour force management and reform and effective leadership and governance of health services.

Mr Brett DeVries Computing(Sys Devel)

Mr. Brett devriesAcademic & Research Support Officer; Information Technology Services Monash University Gippsland Vic.
Brett has many years of pro-active multimedia development in partnership with both academic & research communities throughout the Gippsland campus and over the last decade, particularly with the School of Nursing & Midwifery.

He has extensive experience in design of cooperative pedagogical learning systems and their implementation on learning management systems, leading to employment in this field as a specialist at the Gippsland campus.

Further, he has been a regular contributing member to a broad spectrum of research projects across multiple disciplines, typically in the role of technology design and implementation.

Dr Alison Beauchamp PhD, MPH, BHSc (Nsg), Critical Care Certificate, RN

Dr. Alison BeauchampResearch Fellow – Deakin University. (Formally – Lecturer, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Monash University.
Alison was the project coordinator for the initial stages of the FIRST2ACTWeb study. She has a clinical background in critical care nursing in Australia and the UK, and experience in running clinical and registry-based research projects. Her research interests include clinical and social epidemiology.